Top 5 things you need to know about IPL T20

There are a majority of people who have always waiting to watch and playing in IPL T20 (Indian Premier League). The first thing that you should know explicitly about IPL.

It is the most appealing cricket league in the universe. There are many cricket teams who take part in this league from all around the world. The first IPL cricket matches were commenced on the 18th of April at in Bangalore at Chinnaswamy.

The whole control of IPL is under the supervision of the Board of Control for Cricket in India. Besides this, usually, it is held in summer between March, April, and May every single year. Nowadays, those who are fond of IPL T20 live score can relish the live experience of it just by sitting at their home.

However, it is fortunate that here we are going to talk about five crucial things that every single person should know. So, it is suggested that you must take a glance at the following information with the proper attention.

Revamped Teamsrevamped teams

  • It is anticipated to see revamped teams in the IPL 2021. The cricket council of India and BCCI the IPL auction will be conducted by them.
  • Simply, the auction is said to be held from April to May 2021. However, there is no legal confirmation issued.
  • The thing is that according to the sources, it is pretty soon that BCC will discuss the matter with franchises and then declare the final decision.
  • When the news is supposed to be veracious, then the IPL enthusiasts will get to see revamped teams in the upcoming IPL session.
  • However, according to the professionals, Motera Stadium is located in Gujarat and will surely host so many IPL games.
  • This particular stadium comes with a capacity of 110000 audiences. It has become one of the biggest stadiums in the world. If you want to check IPL T20 live score, then you need to find out the best platform where you will get important information about it.


IPL has become one of the great seasons where you will surely find so many new sponsors. According to the experts, Dream11 will surely be replaced by Vivo as the title sponsor for 2021. BCCI has already signed a deal of 5 years with Chinese Mobile Manufacturer Vivo in 2018.

The 2020 deal was suspended just because of ongoing tension among the two countries. If you want to check IPL T20 live score, then you need to consider a genuine platform where you will get important information about it with ease.

Highest Standard of T20 Cricket

Nothing is better than IPL because it has already shown the highest standard of T20 cricket in the world. It has become the best tournament in the world where you can easily find the best players that are competing with each other.

This particular league is quite popular than any of the other leagues. It is considered as one of the great cricket leagues that are played in the IPL that is quite popular than the average match of an international T20 cricket match.


The majority of the folks are frustrated with the news of the suspension of IPL 2021. There are so many players who are also missing the UAE IPL. According to the news sources, so many names will not be in the upcoming edition of IPL. The biggest name like CSK stalwart Shane Watson has already announced the retirement from all the cricket matches.

You will not find so many players in the IPL. If you also need the latest information about IPL and IPL t20 live score, then one should invest a significant amount of time in the research and consider a platform where you can easily get proper details about it.

Iconic playersiconic players

IPL has become one of the great leagues where you can easily find iconic players. You can also support the IPL based on the aforementioned iconic players.

The primary reason why IPL T20 is popular just because of the shorter duration and timing of the matches.  IPL has become one of the great leagues that have already witnessed a fair amount of drama both on the off and on the cricket field as well.

In addition, these are few reasons why IPL is getting popular. IPL has become a great league that is packed with so many players that are continually teaming up with the best players.